About Us

Frost Giant Electronics/Prints is located in the depths of Texas. Started as a hobby to get some killer shirts out has led into a full time production. After years of modding and studying Rat pedals and other Fuzz's, we decided to fully dedicate ourselves into making the heaviest, and at times the nastiest, fully musical fuzz's out there.

We might be the new guy on the block, but you will know we are here by the fuzz ringing through your ears. With years of tone searching and live shows, we want to bring you the heaviest road ready boxes that will ever grace your pedalboard.  All handmade in Texas and backed for life*, we don't disappoint.

- Eric Calvert, Owner and Founder


* We 100% back the quality of our Frost Giant Electronics pedals and will repair or replace it without cost to you, but if you drop it in your fish tank or spill a bottle of Jack Daniels on your pedal board, you’re on your own.  We cannot guarantee our pedals from defects or malfunctions caused by improper use or abuse.